Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Gen. Janaka Perera: Sri Lankan Freedom Fighter

"Freedom to a geek is the salvation to a soul!"
--Born Free--

My posts are normally not oriented towards any kind of political movement that would give me some sort of personal benefit. The reason for this post is a shocking news I heard yesterday morning. It was so shocking, that I wanted to post immediately about it. But I needed more info and images related to this post.

The breaking news of 06.10.2008 morning was about a suicide bomb attack launched in Anuradhapura, an old city in Sri Lanka where tourists go the most to see relics and ancient monuments. For Sri Lankans, these types of attacks are not that much of news since they have been seing these thing for more than two dicades thanks to the insane and malicious activities of LTTE (Liberal Tigers' Tamil Eelaam), one of the world's most known terrorist groupes.

The attack was targetted towards the guets attending a ceremony held due to the newly established regional base of the main opposition party of Sri Lanka, namely UNP (United National Party). The party was represented in the last provincial election in Anuradhapura by retired Major General Janaka Perera. He was one of the best the Sri Lnaka army ever had. He launched a number of successful missions in the battle to bring freedom to the people who live in Nothern Province of Sri Lanka.

After retirement, he decided to fight for people by joining the active politics. We saw him getting in to his last election campain as a true gentleman. The LTTE was looking for a moment to take revenge from him. Knowing the threat to his life, he requested protection form the government. Being a member of the opposition was enough for them to ignore the fact that this man truely is a hero to be protected. He was lucky enough to survive the election being the one with the highest individual votes.

This true freedom fighter was the chief guest at the ceremony where the bomb exploded. A man who survived active service in the battle fied for many years trying his best for the freedom of his people, got killed as a civilian yet trying to win the freedom for his people simply because of the ignorance of authorities. The true irony of the fate is that the very man who spent his entire life trying to protect the freedom of his people, lost his freedom to live due to the ignorrance of his own people.

I wish Major General Janaka Perera and all other twenty people or so people got killed including his wife may find the harmony and freedom of their soules soon. You are a true "Freedom Fighter" to us.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Google: Leader in Freedom

Official Google Blog: Ten years and counting

"Freedom to a geek is the salvation to a soul!"
--Born Free--


I have already posted a note on Google's Birthday to my blog. Please read the post immediately before this post. And, Many happy returns of the day again Google!

Google: a Symbol of Freedom

"Freedom to a geek is the salvation to a soul!"
--Born Free--

This is a special posting I am doing because, I believe it is very much timely. This morning, as I started my browser I got surprised to see the Google logo has changed. I wanted to know what is going on. So I followed the logo to the official blog of Google. Then I got to know this amazing incident of Google turning 10. I thought it is better to say a word or two about how Google gave me the freedom to do what I am doing write now.

Google is only 10 years old. So.... what does that mean? I think Google is a giant in his childhood. From the day this giant baby was born, he was known for his destiny. This is a baby born to bring freedom to the mankind. I believe that this goal of Google is not very much far away. For ten years, they have achieved so many victories for the Internet users, which are countless as well as extremely significant.

Thank you Google for every thing you have done! You will have a lot more to do for us in the future. This is a promise I give to you. "I will be with you in your good and bad times, because you well deserve it." For those who read this post, if you agree with me or not, please leave a comment on this post. And please make sure to send a posting to your own blog, wishing Google many happy returns of this day.

Many Happy Returns of the Day

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Recomended for First Time Visitors

"Freedom to a geek is the salvation to a soul!"
--Born Free--

    As I created this blog, I had a clear intention to do so.  I believe that what ever that is inside my mind, I should let it out as long as the majority of readers are not offended by it.  When I said majority, it is only because, I believe that I should never have freedom enough to limit others freedom.  Then that freedom becomes what we call authority.

    You may think that this person is crazy.  He is in one hand talking about freedom and then in the other hand he is talking about limiting it not to offend others.  For the curious reader, I would like to bring this point straight away.  If you are familiar with "Spider Man 1" movie, then you would remember the last thing Peter Parker (Spidy)'s uncle said to him before he got killed by a robber.

"With great power comes great responsibility!"

    Now, if you are lost and thinking what is the connection, keep reading.  I believe that the freedom is a gift, a power and a weapon which can be used for the common good or bad.  It is like handling the most advanced fighter jet ever built.  It is a great power which you must handle with great responsibility and respect.

    Freedom, as I have been emphasizing can be used for common good or bad.  The distinction between what to choose is up to you.  This blog has no rules, regulations or a specific topic other than having the freedom to talk about any thing.  I intend to keep posting about war, peace, crimes, hackers, geeks, matrixism, religion, technologies and even TV shows and movies.  By not limiting the flow of the posts to a single stream, I intend to protect the freedom of the "Heat of Freedom" it self.

    As I said, there are no stone etched rules to limit your freedom to comment.  I, being the admin (if there is another meaning to this word than being a control freak) would not even moderate your comments.  I would closely follow them of course.  One last request I kindly make to you is speak to others as you would like them to speak back to you.  Then we will have a nice dialog, without ever getting in to a flame war.

    Feel free to follow this blog and leave your comments.  Keep coming back if you don't find any interesting topic, since the topic is sure to change from posting to posting.  If you want to get personally in touch with me write to me.

Enjoy the ride of freedom

and feel the

Heat of Freedom